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Trump's Racist Quotes -

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GrouchoMarxists - November 17, 2017, 8:37 pm
Usually left wing dribble.. Learn something.
twiddleedeee - August 19, 2016, 11:23 pm
Trump isn't racist. That Muslim Obama and lesbo Hillary are racist. Who are you going to trust with their gut to protect us from the filthy ragheads? The founders of ISIS, or an outsider with brass balls who says it like it is? Trump/Pence 2016!!!!

Draft-Dodger Trump Said Sleeping Around Was My ‘Personal Vietnam’ -

TAGS: donald trump draft dodger gi joke toy soldier gop republican rino clown progressive statist hack new york liberal values vietnam war elitist blowhard windbag loser
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GrouchoMarxists - November 17, 2017, 8:39 pm
Mot claiming any original thought here choker.... I just seem to recall your lame memes on the subject... I'm certain you recall them... You certainly vomited on every one of them. Tissue?

DON'T JUST SCREAM AT THE TV - Have fun while rome is burning.

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ICEMAN - June 20, 2013, 5:12 pm
Forgot "We need common sense legislation".
funnyguy88 - October 17, 2012, 12:33 pm
Good one !! that's clever. well done, keep em' coming. :)

BOZO THE CLOWN - The real one was better

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Comedian1298 - November 24, 2012, 1:00 am
most clowns cost less though

Toy Soldier Trump -

TAGS: donald trump draft dodger vietnam toy vietnam soldier rino clown big government statist progressive new york liberal rnc 2016 bloviating windbag blowhard elitist military service
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GrouchoMarxists - November 17, 2017, 8:42 pm
Your memefails are proof liberals don't use logic....

Bill Nye the Socialist Clown -

FREDERICA WILSON - The official Congressional Race Pimp and Rodeo Clown!

The Real Problem With Trump -

TAGS: donald trump rino fake republican new york liberal statist progressive statist authoritarian tyrant despot blowhard elitist egomaniac populist clown charlatan fraud con artist
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BlackLivesMatter - March 28, 2016, 11:13 am
/so, you're sayin, "because all candidates suck, "VOTE TRUMP!~if you are corrupt, go big or go home!" - world class brilliant logic you got there./
freasy - March 28, 2016, 10:23 am
And whats the difference between any other Candidate???

Draft Dodger Trump -


TAGS: donald trump draft dodger coward rino fake republican new york liberal statist progressive statist authoritarian tyrant despot blowhard elitist egomaniac populist clown charlatan fraud con artist
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truthteller - May 1, 2016, 1:29 am
got my political fix for the evening. Catch y'all on the flip.
truthteller - May 1, 2016, 12:52 am
I heard a funny joke when I went hiking with some Canadians buddies the other day.They said to me either you Americans will have the first woman president, the first Jewish president, the first Canadian-born President, or your LAST President.
freasy - April 4, 2016, 10:39 am
There is no choice, Hilary and Trump, that is the best we can do???

The Art Of War -

TAGS: war isis iraq president clown
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Greybeard - September 12, 2014, 11:02 pm
Thank you :)
Thegde - September 12, 2014, 12:22 pm

Draft Dodger Trump -

THE LORD GIVETH - The IRS taketh away.

REBELS - without a clue.

TEST TO FOLLOW IN NOVEMBER 2012 - Remember, November is rodent extermination month.



Draft Dodger Trump -

HERMAN CAIN - Change we can believe in.

Jon Stewart's Horrendous Hypocrisy -

THAT'S - What one $ trillion in debt looks like. Anybody but Obama 2012.

FOR EXAMPLE - Election Day 2012.


THE CLOWN: GOP CONSTANTLY PUSHING BACK AGAINST REFORMS - What reforms?!?! This administration has burdened U.S. businesses with more regs than any other in history. Reforms-HA!

OBAMA 2012 - Choice of the Communists.

IT'S LIKE WOODSTOCK - Except the iPhones, Starbucks, designer jeans and hats, lack of a direction, addition of unions.......

Stupid Things Liberals Say -

“If you're demanding a rodeo jester be thrown in the dungeons for mocking the king, don't pretend you support a free country,” -

FIZBO THE CLOWN - Instructs liberals to what direction out country need to go to.

LET'S SEE..... - He's dead. Killed by the U.S. Navy. Any more questions? Now can address the unemployment situation?

GREAT BRITAIN - One of many U.S. allies insulted by The Clown.


DEAR 47% - Please take a one way trip to your fantasy land of Russia. And take The Clown w/you, he's not wanted here either.

CURTAIN CALL - For a very bad act.

AND WE WILL - Run on his record, which is horrendous.

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS CRAP UP - 10/22/11,Zucotti Park: A huge flat screen TV goes up for pajama night with popcorn for OWS "campers".

10/15/11: COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA ENDORSES OWS - The same OWS endorsed by Obama. We now have a direct tie between The Clown and Communism, a surprise to no one.

ENDS - November 2012.

SUPERMAN-MAN OF STEEL - Wisdom of Solomon

LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT - China is launching rockets. U.S. astronauts are hitch-hiking with the Russian space program. Screw The Clown!

Donald Trump: Unfit For Command -

ANY REPUBLICAN 47% OBAMA 41% - I guess I'll run......

DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED SENATE - defeats The Clown's public union sector bill (a.k.a jobs bill). Remember that when he tries to blame the GOP.

AND MICHIGAN FANS - Voting for Woody Hayes.

THE CLOWN FLOATS A TRIAL BALLOON IN NC - Suspend elections. Be careful Clown, there is a thing called the secret service. They defend the Constitution.

AND - ther's not 57 states, AND socialism has been a 100% failure in the course of history.

Senile Socialist -

OBAMA PITTSBURGH 2011 VS. 2008 - The times, they have changed.

AND WHILE WE'RE AT IT - let's throw away The Clown.

YA' THINK ?!?! - 31% approval ratings among independents and sinking like a rock. Down with The Clown!!!

OBAMA'S WEEK IN REVIEW - 1) "The private sector is doing fine" 2) Forced to let Wisconsin public-sector unions go down in flames 3) Leaks classified information to bolster re-election

THE U.S. ECONOMY - If The Clown gets re-elected.

DREAMS OF MY FATHER - Destroy America 'cuz my dad's alcohol problems were the fault of the U.S.

REALLY? - Did The Clown resign? (Pleeeeese)

"GEE MR. SOROS, - you told me socialism would boost my poll numbers. Now I gotta go out and buy more votes."

THE CLOWN: THE GOP WILL CRIPPLE AMERICA - As opposed to cutting America off at the balls like his policies have.

THE AGENDA COMPRISING OF THREE ESSENTIAL PARTS: - 1)Condescension 2)Incompetence 3)Narcissism

THIS IS WHERE THINGS LIKE - global warming, Chevy Volts, Alec Baldwin movie scripts and separation of church and state come from.

Just "A Little Ride," Donald Trump? -

TAGS: donald trump ieds little ride veterans wounded warriors elitist billionaire rino gop hack republican loser rnc clown jr salzman iraq hero
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Curlyrocks - February 3, 2016, 11:26 am
I despise the fool Trump, but he has done a lot more for veterans than most other candidates of either party.
Bandit5906 - February 2, 2016, 9:00 pm
At least Trump didn't demand a legless vet stand up! And demand it more than once!


If they are going after the Obama rodeo clown -

HOLES, GLORIOUS HOLES - Where did our tax dollars go? Unreliables-the slot machines of energy.

THE TEA PARTY IS REPRESENTED BY MICHELE BACHMANN - Occupy Wall Street is represented by Al Franken.

OBAMA: 69.5 MILLION VOTES; MCCAIN: 59.5 MILLION... - Obama bought every single vote he received, McCain didn't buy a single one...

THE CLOWN BULLIES FORD TO PULL A TV AD - 'cuz it smacks the face of the bailouts. The Clown does not appreciate freedom of speech. Down with the Clown in 2012.

NOVEMBER 2012, TIME FOR NEW CHANGE - to renew our hope. Out with The Clown and in with the Newt.

ACORN BEHIND OWS PROTESTS - Suirprise, Surprise, Surprise!

GE TO LEAD WH ECONOMIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Isn't this like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse? Corruption X infinity = The Clown's legacy.

UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS - High school drop outs with too much time and too many crayons on their hands.

THERE HE IS!!! - OK, Occupy Wall Street has a minority, no longer racist. Go back to work, nothing racist to see here.

NEWSPAPER HEADLINE OF THE WEEK: - "A Spectacularly Out of Touch President" 9/27/11's Daily Telegraph.

eric cantor -

TAGS: blue clown cantor
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EmmaRoydes - June 11, 2014, 8:02 pm
A new cranky avatar? Oh, sorry, cantor is white. Never mind.

ITS THE UNIONS VS THE FREAKS - On the Keystone Pipeline Project. Liberalsim: the cancer that eventually kills itself.

WILL YOUTH VOTE SINK THE CLOWN? - Nah. He's doing a stupendous job sinking himself. Hall-of-Fame effort.

AENOTUS - Alfred-E.-Newman-of-the-United-States. "What, me worry?" More like, "What, me care?"

THIS - = jobs. Someone want to pass this on to the clown in the White House?

WHAT A DRAG.... - when Piers Morgan can't get ratings even as high as this drag queen.

CENSORSHIP - The Clown forces Ford to pull ads that refer to the bailout. Makes him look bad. 2012 here we come!

OHIO - Rejects Obamacare.

QUINNIPIAC: OBAMA STRUGGLES IN OHIO, PA, - Minnesota, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, any state with a vowel in it's name and pretty much the western hemisphere.

DREAMS OF YOUR FATHER - I guess if my junk were that small, I'd also be angry at the world and die of alcoholism.

KOHL'S TO HIRE 40,000. - Hey Mr. The Clown, want to know how to make jobs, ask the GOP.

IF THE CLOWN SPEND 1/10 OF HIS TIME - actually doing his job as his does making excuses, then maybe the economy would pick up.

THE UNITED NATIONS - Satan's Den of Doom.

THE CLOWN DOES NOT APPEAL - latest strikedown of Obamacare. Which begs the question, who got bought off on the supreme court?

WHY OF COURSE NOT - You're only the President.

A.D.D. - Even The Clown has an occasional squirrel now and then.

SCOTLAND AIMS FOR 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY BY 2020 - and in the US, soccer aims to be the number one spectator sport in 2020. (Insert saracsm here___).

TOURING AMERICA BY BUS - The rock star tries an "unplugged" tour...

TAGS: clown
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THE CLOWN DID CREATE JOBS - at Hallmark for their,"Sorry-you-lost- your-job-because-of-the-lack-of- leadeship" line of sympathy cards.

SOLYNDA - The tip of the iceberg of unprecedented corruption.

SEPTEMBER UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS = 9.1% - September jobs: +130,000, half of gains from 45,000 striking Verizon workers.

DEM SENATE WON'T TOUCH - The Clown's bill. Anethama to the Dems. Maybe The Clown should go pander to some minority group or something.

UAW WORKERS CANNOT STRIKE UNTIL 2015: - bailout contract with US gov't. Workers rights?!? Where's the NLRB? Liberalism is the cancer that kills itself.


EPIC FAIL - Will be this clown's legacy.

OWS SPRING RENEWAL - Same old clowns protesting

IMMUTABLE TRUTH - This country needs real leaders and not Marxist community organizers and the 'good ole boys club' of clowns and crooks.

CHANGE - Like when the Presdiency's changes hands in 2012.

SOLYNDRA SILENCE: EXEC'S TAKE THE FIFTH - "We promise not to drop the dime on The Clown, so help us Master Soros."